Why Red to Black Capital?



We Value Our Clients

At Red To Black Capital, we stand behind our clients by offering them world-class service, speedy execution of funding and flexibility of payback options to help them facilitate their dreams and gratify their goals.



We Value Our Staff

Red to Black Capital’s team of experienced specialists think outside the box when it comes to getting the job done for their clients. With their devotion, passion, and foresight our company has grown to become one of the best kept secrets in the industry today.



We Value Our Industry

Red to Black Capital was formed with integrity and morality. The core principles of the company strive to provide not only their clients but also their staff with responsible, reasonable, and ethical financial solutions. These ideals set the bar to ensure that our clients are assisted quickly and correctly and with respect.


Comparison of Red to Black Capital verses Factoring or Bank Loans

Frequently Asked Questions Red to Black Capital  Traditional Factoring Bank
How long will it take to get funded? Programs Vary 2-3 Days 60-120 days, renewed yearly
How long of a commitment do I have to the lender? Programs Vary 3-6 months Yearly
Most Cost Effective Lender?      
·         Short term need (>6 months) Best Choice Expensive & Time consuming Expensive & Time consuming
·         Long term need (<6 months) Better if bank loan unavailable Not Cost Effective Best Choice
What is the maximum loaned amount? Programs Vary 80% of your receivables depends on assets
Early Pay Off? Yes No Yes
Funds money to all industries? Yes No No
Is there a lot of paperwork needed? No Yes Yes