Where others say NO we say YES!


        We offer funding and credit card processing services to our High Risk clients.



Businesses are classified as high risk, most commonly do to industry type and the amount of chargebacks they face during the normal course of business. A business can be classified as high risk for many reasons: low credit score, brand new, competing in a new or unproven industry, average ticket or sale price may be very high; such as over $1000 or even $10,000; on the MATCH list for receiving too many chargebacks, timeframe for delivery of the product or service may be too far in the future from the original credit card transaction.


If your business has been classified as high risk then you do not need to be alarmed. We work with:

  • Cannabis Industry
  • Auto Dealers (New or Used)
  • Adult materials, products or services
  • Airline tickets
  • E cigarettes
  • Weapons/Gun Shops
  • Online gambling or casinos
  • VOIP or telemarketing
  • Pharmaceuticals and drug stores
  • Dating services
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Timeshares
  • Computer software or hardware

We take pride in being able to offer services to “Higher Risk” businesses because your business matters too.